Shisha charcoal tablet press machine how to store the produced mechanism

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shisha charcoal tablet press machine
Charcoal molding machines and other equipment are mainly equipment for the compression molding of some charcoal and carbon powder. Of course, some hookah charcoal people in the western countries such as Arab are processed with shisha charcoal tablet press machine. Then how are the molded products pressed? This is also a matter of caution.
shisha charcoal tablet press machine
Shisha charcoal tablet press machine the mechanism for doing a good job Hookah carbon don't pack it immediately. It takes 8 to 12 hours before it can be packaged. If it's packaged without being placed, the newly released mechanism charcoal has Mars, so it's easy to reignite. Fire. The storage plant's factory must be wide, and must be ventilated. It must be stored in a storage plant with charcoal. It must not contain items such as fire, and it must be smoke-free so as not to damage the hookah charcoal and cause damage to the factory.
shisha charcoal tablet press machine
The shisha charcoal machine storehouse must not allow children to enter the play field. Children may not be able to play the role of a mechanism charcoal, resulting in a poor sale of mechanism charcoal. The place where the storage mechanism is charcoal must be safely ventilated. There should be a dedicated guard, not only to be able to pack the safety of the mechanism carbon, but also to make the finished product of the mechanism charcoal intact and to sell a good price.
shisha charcoal tablet press machine
The above is how our factory shisha charcoal machine manufacturers to produce good mechanism for charcoal how to store, if you also want to invest in charcoal machine equipment, we must take a look at Gongyi City Lan Tian Machinery Factory , gifted and cheap, including your satisfaction.
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