The Brief Introduction And Main Features Of Wood Charcoal Tablet Press Machine

Author: Admin View: Post Time: 2018 / 01 / 19

             Wood charcoal tablet press machine is mainly used for charcoal powder pressing, when changing the mold material can be compressed into a sheet (diameter of 15- with 50mm) box, rectangular, circular, diamond, triangle, cylinder, cone, sac shape, convex, concave shape and various other products, wood charcoal tablet press machine can also be pressed with text trademark pattern, double color, three color and various special-shaped tablets three. Punching forty times a minute, 9-12 pieces each time, and stamping about thirty thousand pieces per hour.

            Wood charcoal tablet press machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food, coal, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, refractories and other industries. Each type of dry and wet powder granular material can be pressed into circular or special shape.

            The main features of the wood charcoal tablet press machine:

           1, The wood charcoal tablet press machine is suitable for pressing large diameter and large filling tablets.

           2, Forced feeder specially designed, can be pressed like charcoal powder with light weight, small density of pure powder materials.

           3, The wood charcoal tablet press machine with special design of auxiliary equipment, can realize automatic feeding, automatic release.

 Wood Charcoal Tablet Press Machine

          4, The humanized design makes the machine easier to clean up and maintain.

          5, The transmission system of the wood charcoal tablet press machine is closed under the main body below the worm gear box, and it is a fully separated independent component, which will not pollute each other, and make the transmission pair fully lubricated, and reduce noise and wear.

          6, Special installation structure, the lower guide track and the under roller replacement and maintenance become convenient.

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